Negozio Online #. Correct - Anti-Stretch Mark Exfoliating Serum

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Apply with a gentle massage to the areas more prone to developing stretch marks (belly, hips, buttocks), focusing on the areas most affected by the imperfection. The spout cap provides an easy way to apply the product precisely.
It can also be applied in the bust area, avoiding the areola.
Applying the product for at least 30 days every day morning and evening shows a reduction in the number and depth of stretch marks (supported by clinical tests) combined with a significant increase in skin firmness and elasticity.
This product is non-photosensitising, therefore it can be used all year round. Use in the evening in summer and/or with intense direct exposure to sunlight.


Skin with stretch marks and uneven skin texture, pregnancy.


Smooth and supple skin. Reduces the look of stretch marks, day after day.



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