Saldi 2023 3. Firm - Pijama Pant™ Kit

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1. Apply about 20ml of Toning sculpting concentrate, equal to a notch, all over the body except the breast, without massaging;

2. Wear the PIJAMA PANT™ set immediately before the serum is absorbed;

3. Leave on for at least 2 hours, or for an intensive sculpting treatment leave on for 8-12 hours (or overnight);

4. Take off the bodysuit. The concentrate should be fully absorbed by the skin (do not shower right after wearing the bodysuit to let the concentrate penetrate as much as possible).

5. Wash the PIJAMA PANT™ bodysuit with mild soap and store for the next time. Do not tumble dry.


All skin types.


For firmer skin and a more harmonious body shape. Enriched with an anti-stretch mark complex that preserves the elasticity of the skin and targets sagging skin.


Creamy and enveloping

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