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Rich and full-bodied, this cream gives immediate comfort to dry, chapped, reddened skins and to skins that feel tight and need intense hydration, nourishment, and protection from external aggressors (cold, sun, wind, air conditioning).
H2O 3Acti-MatriSpheres multi-layer capsules penetrate into the skin at different depths and preserve hyaluronic acid from degradation processes, promoting the optimum distribution of water in all layers, including the deepest ones.

Enriched with ceramides, jojoba wax, and fermented shiunko and licorice oils, it strengthens the skin’s barrier structure and its natural defenses, improves its ability to retain water, provides comfort to irritated and tight-feeling skins and fights the onset of signs of aging.

How to useApply with straight movements from the centre of the face outwards to cleansed and toned skin. Then apply it to the neck, starting from the chin down to the décolleté. For enhanced action, use in combination with HYDRATION PASSION deep hydration concentrate.

BenefitsHYDRATION PASSION boosts the skin’s level of hydration with its multi-level and prolonged action

HYDRATION PASSION quenches and restores comfort and firmness to dehydrated and dry skin, while fighting the signs of ageing, with products that target different hydration needs because every skin is unique.

Texture HYDRATION PASSION H2O 3Acti-MatriSpheres
Tri-active molecular carrier:made up of multilayer capsules of hydroxyproline, vitamin C and rutin

Multilayer action: it acts not only on the skin surface, but also penetrates deep into the skin, where it protects the main components of the matrix of the dermis (hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, collagen), preserving the optimum internal level of water and fighting the ageing process.

Triple action: it is an infusion of water with a triple action for immediate, intense and prolonged hydration:

  1. It restores the proper barrier function of the skin, protecting it from external aggressors (immediate action).
  2. It stimulates the production of moisturising factors in the dermis (intense action).
  3. It counteracts the degradation process of hyaluronic acid (prolonged action)

Actives IngredientsContains
H2O 3Acti-MatriSpheres: a Tri-active molecular carrier that protects the skin’s optimum moisture level.
Ceramide plus: a ceramide complex that moisturises and strengthens the barrier function of the skin.
Fermented licorice and shiunko oils: repairing and anti-free radical properties.

Does not contain: paraffin, mineral oils, silicones

Skin typeNormal to dry skins

Weight50 ml.

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